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Group of Senior women playing cards
Health care worker laughing with a group of seniors playing cards
Harmony Memory Care at Palisade Gardens

A stimulating, friendly and secure lifestyle

The Harmony Life Enrichment Program at Palisade Gardens is an unparalleled experience for those dealing with Alzheimer’s or related dementia. The Harmony Program is based on the renowned Montessori approach to dealing with memory loss, focusing on adding meaning and purpose to every day based on the individual’s history, needs, interests, skills and abilities.

With only twenty-three suites in the Harmony “neighbourhood” within Palisade Gardens, residents feel very much at home. Suites are comfortable and designed to enhance memory, allowing for a sustained sense of independence. Carefully selected and well-trained staff assist residents daily to provide a service-rich and lively atmosphere.

Life with Purpose

Meaningful activities that engage an individual’s attention and connect with their interests,
add a much-needed dimension to the lives of those dealing with memory loss. Harmony Life
Enrichment Memory Care offers a variety of robust and vibrant programs:

Enrichment programs: Music, art, crafts, dance, yoga, meditation, gardening, Fit Minds, reading groups, and spiritual programs.

Cognitive programs: Memory games, word games, brain teaser exercises and discussion
groups, current events, journaling and creative writing.

Fitness programs: light cardio exercises, strength training with light weights and bands,
flexibility and balance.


In addition, there are individualized programs including an iPod program, Montessori activities, one-on-one volunteer based programs. Intergenerational events with local schools
and organizations, as well as peer-mentoring activities.

Adult daughter and mother walking outside in a park

Memory Care Benefits &
Positive Outcomes

Studies show that environments & programs such as ours can demonstrate achievable
outcomes -

• Improved Communication
• Less Disorientation
• Enhanced Physical & Mental Status
• Greater Sense of Self Esteem
• Empowered and Enabled Residents
• Improved Time Adjustment & Sleeping Habits
• More Effective Use & Reduced Need
For Medication
• Reduced Agitation and Behavioural Problems

Resident Experiences

Blake H.

Palisade Garden and the staff in the Harmony Wing, gave me my Mother back. At 92, she’s riddled with dementia and hadn’t smiled for months. The minute she arrived at Palisade, her personality changed, her smile came back and the sun came out. Riley, Mae and the rest of the staff are miracle workers and just plain, really good people.

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